The producers of new family film THE LAST MIMZY had to digitally enhance a pair of boxer shorts on actor Rainn Wilson when they realised he was showing too much bottom for a PG-rated movie. Director BOB SHAYE failed to spot just how much was revealed in one scene, in which Wilson, the star of America's The Office, wore just a pyjama shirt until the film hit test audiences. Wilson explains, "Bob was very excited about me doing the scene without any pyjama bottoms on for some reason; I think he had a thing about my ass. "We shot it and, of course, sure enough they started testing it and family people were like, 'Wait a minute why is this guy's ass poking out.' "So they had to digitally CGI on a pair of $40,000 boxers. It's there in the current print of the film. When I bend over at the refrigerator you see leopard-print boxers under my pyjamas. It's probably the most expensive underwear in movie history."