Hollywood films like Raiders of the Lost Ark, ALADDIN and The Siege are depicting "exaggerated and ridiculous" stereotypes of Muslims and perpetuating Islamophobia, according to a British report published today (25JAN07). The report by the Islamic Human Rights Commission argues Hollywood films have helped to demonise Muslims as violent, dangerous and threatening people. RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK, the original INDIANA JONES movie from 1981, is criticised for including "patently obvious...cultural stereotypes and scenarios" in a street scene featuring bazaars, veiled women and men in traditional dress, all set to snake-charming music. ALADDIN, a 1992 Disney animated film, is blasted for giving Aladdin, the most sympathetic Arab character, an American accent while the rest of the cast have "exaggerated and ridiculous Arab accents". THE SIEGE, a 1998 movie about a wave of attacks by Palestinian terrorists in New York City, is slammed for reinforcing "the monolithic stereotype of the Arab/Palestinian/Muslim being violent and ready to be martyred for their cause". Last week (19JAN07), the Council On American-Islamic Relations demanded to meet the producers of hit TV series 24 to object to the portrayal of Muslims on the hit action show.