Rage Against The Machine'S Zack De La Rocha reportedly arranged his band's appearances at the Reading and Leeds festivals around this week's Republican Convention.

It is thought the singer wanted to be free for the meeting – where John McCain will be officially named as the Republican Party's presidential candidate – as he is planning to mount a stunt for the event, reports the NME.

Reading And Leeds Festivals boss Melvin Benn explained: "He wanted to play Friday and Saturday, because there's a Democratic Convention [in Denver] and he wanted to be at that.

"And there's a Republican one on Wednesday (August 27) and he wanted to go and picket that, and there's a stunt they're going to pull off that will No Doubt hit CNN during the course of the week."

The band played rapturously received sets at both festivals, with organisers having to temporarily halt the Leeds show until fans moved back to avoid a crush.

26/08/2008 11:26:32