Rage Against The Machine star Tom Morello has urged social media users to stop playing out petty disputes in public forums following his online spat with the owner of a restaurant in Seattle, Washington.

The rocker was furious after he and his friends were refused entry to The 5 Point Cafe on Friday night (26Sep14) after performing with his former Audioslave bandmate Chris Cornell at benefit show nearby.

He sniped about his experience in a series of posts on his Twitter.com page, and the restaurant's owner later stepped up the feud by accusing the star of demanding special treatment.

Morello has now attempted to end the row by explaining what happened on the night in question, and offered to return to the restaurant to make peace. He also urged fans to put a stop to similar online feuds before they get out of hand.

He says in a statement, "I regret that my Twitter salvo about the treatment I received at a Seattle restaurant and the subsequent digital tempest in a tea pot may have taken away from the important work of (the 15 Now minimum wage drive) and the Seattle show I played on their behalf... When next in Seattle, I would be happy sit down over a beverage - or sooner on the phone - and discuss the matter to conclusion with all concerned... (After the restaurant row) we decamped to the trusty, attitude-free, (pancake house) Ihop where we enjoyed a drama-free stack of hotcakes... To be clear: at no point did myself or anyone in our party 'demand special treatment,' a 'private room' or any other ridiculousness. I was, however, p**sed at the rudeness of the doorman to my friends and my younger brother..."

However, the restaurant's owner David Meinert has added a furious response to Morello's statement, posting in a message on Facebook.com, "Maybe you don't realise you were acting the punk, but you were... Next time, don't call, Ihop is glad to take your money and donate it to right-wing politicians so keep going there and supporting the very thing you claim to rage against. Pathetic."