Rage Against The Machine feel 'Killing in the Name' is an anthem for people who are ''trying to change the world''.

The heavy metal band's 1992 signature song is a call to arms against oppression which guitarist Tom Morello feels has taken on a life of its own.

He told Metal Hammer magazine: '''Killing in the Name' has taken on a life of its own which is really separate from Rage, where it's become one of the rebel rock anthems for people who are on the frontline trying to change the world.

''It's about standing up to illegitimate authority wherever it rears its head. Sometimes that might be parental or it might be your school, or your place of work or in your government.''

The song - which climaxes with the repeated refrain of ''f**k you I won't do what you tell me'' - also became a surprise hit in the UK, when it made Christmas number one in 2009, beating the winner of TV talent contest 'The X Factor' to number one, and Tom is very proud of their achievement.

He added to Metal Hammer magazine: ''[It was] one of the greatest musical uprisings in the history of rock. 'The X Factor' had won five years in a row or something, so it was quite a big thing that the fans made their voices heard in a way that was more than just a 'f**k you' to commercial pop crap.''