Rage Against The Machine star Tom Morello is convinced his band's Arizona state boycott initiative will prompt lawmakers to reverse controversial new immigration laws - because such tactics have worked in the past.
The rockers performed their first hometown Los Angeles gig in a decade on Friday (23Jul10) to officially launch the Sound Strike project, and guitarist/activist Morello insists the initiative could be just what's needed as Arizona statesmen and women prepare to welcome the law on 29 July (10).
Rage Against the MAChine and a number of other acts have agreed not to play gigs in Arizona until the new SB 1070 legislation that gives police powers to arrest and detain anyone suspected of being an illegal immigrant is lifted.
Morello tells Spin.com, "We're just honoured to lend our music to trying to overthrow this awful Arizona law, as well as to help educate people what to it's about.
"We are against this law because it is about racial profiling, and makes an entire race of people suspects first, and people second. It's just a license to discriminate."
And, firing back at critics who feel the musicians haven't got the power to change state laws, he insists history is on his side.
Morello explains, "The economic boycott against Arizona was successful in getting them to pass Martin Luther King, Jr.'s birthday - they were the last state in the Union to do that. It was successful in Arizona during the United Farm Workers and Cesar Chavez campaign against the grape growers. And it's our hope that it will be successful now."