Rafe Spall feels ''unbelievably lucky'' to be an actor.

The 'X + Y' star is grateful to have a career in the movie business as he is such a film fan himself, although he admits he often forgets how fortunate he is after a long day of filming.

He said: ''[I feel] unbelievably lucky. Like most actors, I'm a punter. The film fan in your heart never leaves.

''[But even doing] 'Prometheus' in a spacesuit with Ridley [Scott] directing you, you still go, 'F**k - when's lunch? Oh man, I'm tired'. The collective known for a group of actors is 'whinge'.''

In addition to getting hungry on set, the 32-year-old actor often finds himself struggling to control his laughter, but fortunately he has learnt a trick to keep him from cracking up.

He told Total Film magazine: ''I discovered the trick for any budding actors reading this - you put your hand in your pocket and pinch your leg really hard that distracts you from laughing. Because laughing is always hilarious for the first few times. But when it's actually take up time and it's costing money, it becomes really bad. The more serious it becomes the hard it is to actually stop laughing''.