Radiohead frontman Thom Yorke is unconcerned about recent criticism LIAM GALLAGHER directed at campaigning rockers, because he believes in the causes he champions.

Yorke, who earlier today (25MAY05) backed British charity FRIENDS OF THE EARTH's campaign to reduce UK carbon emissions at a press conference in London, refuses to be drawn into a slanging match with the Oasis frontman.

He says, "I don't care about that (Gallagher's comments). At all."

Last week (ends20MAY05), Gallagher told of his contempt at musicians who speak out on environmental and political issues.

He said, "I'll be sitting at some award show 20 years from now with Bono, and the geezer from Coldplay (Chris Martin), and I'll say, 'Right, you didn't save the world, so you can f**k off, and you... you can go and wash your hand.'"

25/05/2005 17:37