Radiohead rocker Thom Yorke has decided to back a British charity campaign to reduce carbon emissions because it's something he believes governments need to address immediately.

The PARANOID ANDROID singer today (25MAY05) launched a FRIENDS OF THE EARTH push calling on UK citizens to make the British government cut emissions by three per cent each year.

And Yorke, who was asked to back the campaign, immediately agreed to lend his voice as the spectre of climate change preys on his mind anyway.

He says, "This is certainly the most important issue for this generation. It's imperative something is done about climate change immediately.

"I was asked to do the campaign and I agreed. Lending my name to a cause that I believe in like this ultimately helps push it to a larger audience.

"People are starting to wake up to the catastrophic effects climate change will have, but it's the government who need to start acting. And not just the British government; this is an international issue."

25/05/2005 17:37