Radiohead frontman Thom Yorke is keen to take a long break from the music industry after being "cheesed off" by the reaction to his last release. The KARMA POLICE singer felt he and his bandmates did all they could to be a "normal" group when they released Hail To The Thief in 2003 - but they were still treated with disdain by executives at their former record label, Capitol. Appearing in Rosanna Arquette's new documentary ALL WE ARE SAYING, Yorke says, "It's just time to get away from it all for us because, what we tried to do, like, when we put out our last record, we really tried to play the game, as it was. "We tried desperately to be normal and fit in and win friends and influence people and all that sort of thing - not at all; they still thought we were weird. "I was really cheesed off that we were being confined to the weird uncle dustbin."