Cult rockers Radiohead's new album is poised to be the biggest in the UK this year (03) - proving their fanbase is still very much loyal to them.

Hail To The Thief has already shifted 60,000 copies in Britain after just two days, and if the band's sixth longplayer continues selling in similar quantities it could challenge last year's (02) winner COLDPLAY - whose album A RUSH OF BLOOD TO THE HEAD sold 270,000 in its first week of release.

The record is currently selling more than the rest of the top five albums put together, including Metallica's ST ANGER and STEREOPHONICS' YOU GOTTA GO THERE TO COME BACK.

Reports the hitmakers have alienated many of their fans by releasing two 'experimental' albums since 1997 smash OK COMPUTER have been proved wrong, according to GENNARO CASTALDO, spokesman for Britain's HMV chart.

He says, "It just goes to show how many people are still into Radiohead. There's a degree of compulsion with this band."

11/06/2003 20:55