Radiohead have vowed to kill off their "pop band" persona in the next two years.

Frontman Thom Yorke concedes the British groups' new album HAIL TO THE THIEF is effectively a sequel to 1997 LP OK COMPUTER - but he promises they'll be "completely unrecognisable" in two years time.

Yorke says, "We're a pop band again for now, because it was necessary. Just doing what we're good at. But, no matter how good I feel about the new album and how much fun we're having in what we do right now, we've been there already. We're not moving.

"This is OK Computer 2. What we will do from now on, should not be anything like we've done before. We will not go further back, like everyone expects.

"Radiohead will be completely unrecognisable in two years. At least, I hope so. It's the only perspective of the future that I can live with."

02/06/2003 17:06