Radiohead might not have played quite a career spanning set, but it didn't seem to matter to the revellers at Coachella Festival as the British group turned their attentions instead to a bedazzling light show and heavily electronic sound to entertain the 75,000 punters in attendance on the Saturday evening, reports MTV News.
Radiohead's last album 'The King of Limbs' didn't quite find the sort of reverie their previous efforts have, with even hardcore fans ranking it low in comparison with classic LPs like 'OK Computer,' 'Kid A' and 'In Rainbows,' and yet it was perhaps these tracks live that their set at the weekend truly pivoted on, the band opening with Tkol opener 'Bloom' and managing to make the likes of 'Good Morning Mr. Magpie' and 'Lotus Flower' other highlights. With that in mind it was no surprising then to see the group also look to other more percussive and electronically-influenced songs in their back catalogue with songs like 'The Gloaming,' 'Myxomatosis' and 'There There' featuring from 2003's 'Hail To The Thief,' and 'Idioteque' closing out the set proper. A new song, 'Identikit,' was also played.
With two encores though there was time for the group to give a nod to some of the earlier tracks in their career that aided their ascent to one of the most critically and commercially successful acts of the past 20 years, playing 'Lucky' and 'Paranoid Android' from seminal 1997 album 'Ok Computer' to a rapturous response. They'll return, along with the rest of the Coachella bill, to California again this coming weekend.