British rockers Radiohead insist their latest album IN RAINBOWS is their 'classic album' - and is as good as THE Beatles' iconic REVOLVER LP. The band released the album in a physical format last week (ends06Jan08) after the record made headlines in October (07) when the rockers allowed fans to name their own price to digitally download the disc. And now frontman Thom Yorke is confident In Rainbows is the band's definitive release - as it harks back to the days of legendary 45 minute albums. He says, "I believe in the rock album as an artistic form of expression. In Rainbows is a conscious return to this form of 45-minute statement. Of course it was possible to make it shorter, but our aim was to describe in 45 minutes, as coherently and conclusively as possible, what moves us." "'In Rainbows' is, at least in our opinion, our classic album. Our Lou Reed's Transformer, The Beatles' Revolver, our David Bowie's Hunky Dory."