Radiohead star COLIN GREENWOOD insists the only benefit from their decision to give away their latest album for free was the publicity generated by the stunt.
The British rockers released their 2007 LP In Rainbows as an Internet download and allowed fans to name their own price for the album.
The move sparked controversy throughout the music industry and their "free" album became one of the hottest topics of the year (07).
And the Creep hitmakers insist they didn't make any money out of the controversial move - but all the free publicity was a big boost to their career.
Bassist Greenwood says, "It wasn't about trying to make as much money as possible.
"I thought people would be excited about it but we didn't know what it would be like as it was uncharted waters. But there was a lot of noise and comment about it.
"I guess the biggest benefit we had from it was the way we made people aware of us after we'd been away for a while between releases. It was like sending up a big flare and that was really cool."