Art rockers Radiohead were apprehensive about their recent America tour - after their outspoken attacks on President George W Bush.

The band have taken a public anti-war, anti-Bush stance, and lead singer Thom Yorke admits that the group were bracing themselves for a bad reaction on the tour - which concluded in October (03) - but were relieved to find their fears were unfounded.

He says, "We were sort of worried about the reaction to what we had been saying when we went over there. COLIN (GREENWOOD, bassist), whose wife is American, didn't see a problem at all. It turned out that he was right, when you met people face to face the resistance, disgust and dismay was obvious."

The HAIL TO THE THIEF stars even found particular controversial lyrics were celebrated - in most places.

Yorke adds, "When we played NO SURPRISES a huge cheer would go up every night over the line, 'Bring down the government/They don't speak for us..'. Although in Houston, Texas it was a little, er, muted shall we say."

02/12/2003 17:34