British rockers Radiohead have denied reports they have written the complete soundtrack for upcoming movie CHOKE.
The band was linked to the picture after Chuck Palahniuk, the author of the novel the film is based on, claimed he had written the story while listening to Radiohead's debut album Pablo Honey.
He said, "Apparently Radiohead liked the movie so much, they've written the score, most of the ambient music throughout it."
Radiohead have dismissed the claims - but admit they have commissioned the use of new track The Reckoner for the film's credits.
A spokesman for the band tells, "No one in the Radiohead organisation is aware of the band composing any original, incidental, or ambient music for Choke."
Choke, about a conman who scams money from people who save him from choking to death, is directed by Clark Gregg and will hit cinemas this autumn (08).