British rockers Radiohead's new album Hail To The Thief has appeared online months before it's due to be released - and guitarist Jonny Greenwood denies the title is a direct attack on American President George W Bush.

Today (31MAR03) Greenwood made an appearance on the official Radiohead messageboard, where he insists he was "surprised" the record - due to hit shops on 9 June (03) - was online.

He says, "(Bandmate) COLIN GREENWOOD called and said it was up, so thought I'd check.

"I feel bemused, not annoyed. I'm glad people like it, most of all. It's a little earlier than we'd expected, but there it is. Surprised, and still not used to it happening, even after all these years.

"I worry more that stuff we do won't get released for whatever obscure reason, and I hate the 3 month gap between finish and release. But not enough to leak it myself!"

And although the album title Hail To The Thief was commonly used as an anti-Bush slogan by protesters at the end of the controversial 2000 election campaign that put him into the White House, Greenwood insists he wasn't aware of this.

He adds, "Not sure where all that George Bush stuff came from. Hail is no insult, really. We just like the contradictory phrases like '2+2=5' and 'Hail to the Thief' and all that."