Radiohead's Thom Yorke has revealed that like thousands of fans, he paid nothing for the band's download-only seventh album.

In Rainbows was released as a download on October 10th, with fans able to name their own price – a recent study found that over 60 per cent of fans chose to pay nothing at all for the release.

Over 1.2 million logged on to the download site in the 29 days after the album was made available, with the majority ordering the album.

But speaking on BBC6 Music, lead singer Yorke said that like the majority of fans, he opted not to pay for the album.

"There wasn't any point," he told Steve Lamacq. "I just move some money from one pocket to the other."

The band explained that a download-only release was an idea inspired by their management, who had not wanted to release an album without a record contract.

"Every record that we've done for ages has been leaked. Why not leak the bloody thing yourself?" asked Yorke.

And guitarist Ed O'Brien said the project remained a huge secret until its headline-making confirmation.

"We had to literally tell no one," he said. "I didn't tell my wife we were going to release it like this."

O'Brien added that a slot at Glastonbury 2008 might be a possibility, telling Lamacq: "Everything's on the agenda... if they want us... yeah I mean, I don't know yet."

He continued: "We'll probably go out in May and head out for the summer, so we'll be around here June and July. America first."

And quizzed about Radiohead's musical rivals, O'Brien admitted a certain admiration for Kings Of Leon, saying: "I don't get jealous when I see other bands but when I see them I think 'Man I'd love to be in that band'.

"They're young... they remind me of... the Bunnymen or something like that," he added. "They're growing, they're evolving... They're amazing players, the drummer, he's amazing. They're all great but he's really special."

Radiohead released In Rainbows without a record label, but have recently signed a contract with XL Recordings for the physical release of the album in December.

20/11/2007 09:39:47