Radiohead rocker JONNY GREENWOOD and Eddie Vedder both missed out on a Best Score Oscar nomination for THERE WILL BE BLOOD and Into The Wild, because both soundtracks were ruled ineligible. Many Oscar watchers were left stunned when the rock star's movie score efforts were seemingly ignored by voters, but Oscar rules left both stars compositions out of the running. Greenwood's music for There Will Be Blood missed out because officials at the Academy Of Motion Picture Arts And Sciences decided that a large part of it was not written specifically for the film, which picked up eight Oscar nominations on Tuesday (22Jan08). A proportion of the soundtrack was taken from Greenwood's Popcorn Superhet Receiver composition, which was commissioned by the BBC, and won him a British Composer Award in 2007. And Pearl Jam singer Vedder's soundtrack for Sean Penn's Into The Wild was also deemed ineligible for an Academy Award nomination - because the score is too "song-based".