Welsh rap crew Goldie Lookin' Chain have announced they are to play a free headline show in London in the new year.

The Guns Don't Kill People, Rappers Do stars will take to the stage at the Metro on Wednesday January 14th as a warm-up for their upcoming UK tour.

And fans who manage to register for entry to the Metro gig will be able to enjoy the new GLC single New Day first-hand.

Entry to the central London show is free but Goldie Lookin' Chain are taking a leaf out of Radiohead's book in asking fans to pay as much (or as little) as you like on your way out depending on how much fun they've had.

"The gig is going to be free, which is brilliant," said band member Eggsy.

"Although it probably will mean we will have to buy our own sandwiches and booze.

"All donations will be welcome, obviously during these times of credit crunching, just bring some spare change and prepare for a high energy work out."

He added: "You'd never see Thom Yorke wigglin' out on stage and then asking you for money at the end of the show. It wouldn't surprise me if we inspired him to play Wembley like this."

You can register for tickets to this show from Thursday December 4th at www.gigsandtours.com.

New Day will be made available as a free download on January 1st 2009 for one month only, through all major online retailers.

And GLC's new album Asbo4Life and single By Any Means Necessary will also follow in the coming months.

04/12/2008 02:01:01