A huge police crackdown on drug offences has seen more than 80 UK festival-goers arrested in Stafford this weekend (19-20AUG06). In all, 1,350 officers were deployed at the Weston Park leg of the V Festival, which is also held simultaneously in Chelmsford, Essex. Among the headline acts were Radiohead, Morrissey, Paul Weller, Faithless and Beck. Staffordshire police reported 49 people were detained for possession of drugs and another 15 for supplying them, while many more were slammed for vehicular violations including lack of insurance. The heavy-handed operation frustrated many music lovers who were unnecessarily pulled aside and searched. STUART DIXON, 28, says, "Even after I was searched by police sniffer dogs, an officer told me to stand aside and spent another five minutes looking through all my pockets and bag. It was embarrassing. "I know they're just doing they're job but it was all a bit over the top."