The frequent Radiohead collaborator's cameo was brought to light by fellow producer Four Tet, who sent a congratulatory message to Godrich via Twitter, without actually mentioning the film's name.

Early on Thursday (17Dec15), when Star Wars: The Force Awakens was released in U.K. cinemas, Four Tet simply tweeted, "@nigelgod you were excellent in the film", prompting him to reply, "thanks man!".

Fans jumped on the Twitter exchange and discovered Godrich is actually credited on as portraying FN-9330 in the new J.J. Abrams movie, and hours later, Wright revealed he had been the one to pull a few strings to make his producer pal's Star Wars dream a reality.

"I am happy to say I got Nigel the gig," the Shaun of the Dead director writes in response to the reports of Godrich's cameo. I owed him one and this was my return gift."

Ironically, only Godrich will know which scenes he actually features in as all Stormtroopers wear identical helmets, masking the actors' identities.

Wright worked with Godrich on his 2010 movie Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World.