Rachel Zoe's husband surprised her with her first Hermès Birkin bag for her 30th birthday.

The celebrity stylist was bowled over when husband Rodger Berman, pointed her to a trial of rose petals leading out of the house.

She explained: ''It led all through my front door and out into my backyard, where there was champagne and a big orange box.''

She then presented the huge bright orange bag which was inside the box.

Talking about her latest fashion line, which launches in autumn, Rachel said she couldn't believe how far she has come as a stylist.

She added in a clip for Harper's Bazaar's 'The Look': ''I have more than I ever dreamed possible. I never imagined I'd be doing half the things that I'm doing.''

Rachel also said there's only one thing that manages to take precedence over fashion in her life, her 17-month-old son, Skyler.

She added: ''I couldn't love fashion more. I don't think it's possible to love fashion more. However since I've had my son, not to disappoint people, he's surpassed that love.''