Rachel Zoe believes shoes are a work of art.

The Fashion stylist - known for her work with celebrities such as Nicole Richie and Cameron Diaz - has a huge passion for heels, and says she sometimes won't wear a pair of shoes because she thinks they're too beautiful.

She told Daily Front Row: "The shoes I first coveted were when Tom Ford was designing for Gucci and YVES SAINT LAURENT, I don't think I even wore them. I just wanted to look at them. I mean, they basically are art."

However, Rachel - who recently launched her debut fashion range - hasn't always had an easy relationship with heels.

She said: "I used to live in New York, so I ran all over from place to place just like everybody else .I was dashing to an appointment somewhere, the sidewalk was raised, and it caught my shoe. The heel just snapped right off."

And it seems Rachel's love of shoes is already rubbing off on her seven-month-old son, Skyler.

Talking about the tot's footwear collection, she said: "I'm venturing to say around 30 pairs, It's under 100 pairs, for sure.

"There's an incredible pair of Bottega Venetta ones, there's Hermes, and then there's a pair of Gucci slip-ons with the little bit on them."