Rachel Zoe wants to make ''beautiful, wearable clothes''.

The stylist-turned-fashion designer says she isn't trying to compete with couture designers such as Marc Jacobs but instead hopes to create a lifestyle brand.

She told La Confidential magazine: ''The last thing I'm going to do when I come out with a collection is try to be Marc [Jacobs. I'm not trying to make a huge statement. I'm just trying to make beautiful, wearable, tailored clothes.

''I'm not just launching ready-to-wear--I'm launching a lifestyle brand. I want head-to-toe Rachel Zoe. I want this to be getting dressed with my jewellery, my shoes, my bags, my gloves. I want it all.''

Zoe launched her old brand in partnership with global supply-chain-manager Li & Fung Limited last year and says she chose to create her own collection because she felt there was a ''void'' in the market.

She explained: ''I felt there was a void in what I was looking for, just as a shopper. I wanted to be able to go and buy a beautiful tuxedo or a suit or a great little party dress that wasn't, like, $2,500.''