Rachel Zoe created her fashion line because she had ''nothing to wear''.

The celebrity stylist decided to launch her ready-to-wear collection after building frustrations of finding it difficult to get ready every day, despite having an enviable wardrobe full of designer pieces.

Rachel told British VOGUE magazine: ''I was finding it tough getting dressed in the morning.

''I have a lot of precious things, but hardly any everyday clothes to wear for running around the city and going to work in.''

The star has an incredible love of vintage clothing, which she started accumulating over two decades ago, and says her extensive collection is so valuable it warrants its own exhibition.

She said: ''It's like a disease. I've been collecting for more than 20 years, so at this point it's very valuable.

''My vintage dealers want to carry an exhibit, I'm like - hello? I'm still alive - do what you want with it when I'm gone, but I'm still here!''

Rachel - who now works with the likes of Cameron Diaz and Eva Mendes - credits her big break in the fashion industry to a ''fluke'' invite to style Jennifer Garner for the Emmys in 2002.

She admitted: ''I am primarily a fashion person. Sourcing clothes for stage and album covers just wasn't my thing.

''It was a total fluke! I was hired two days before the Emmy awards and I found her a Narciso Rodriguez gown that she happened to love.''