MUMMY RETURNS star Rachel Weisz has reportedly pulled out of negotiations for the third instalment of The Mummy franchise.

The Oscar-winning actress, who appeared in the first two Mummy films, was thought to be interested in the latest project. However, sources say the British actress has turned her back on the new film.

Speaking to Empire magazine earlier this year, she admitted she would be interested in the film, but appears to have changed her mind.

She said: "Well I hear rumblings that Stephen Sommers is writing one. But I don't know if it's rumour or true. But would I want to do it? Yeah, why not! Get the family back together again. Go on some adventures."

But Brendan Fraser has reportedly agreed a deal to appear in THE MUMMY 3, which is due to be released in summer 2008, according to Variety. Chinese martial arts expert Jet Li is thought to be playing the mummy, which will be set in China rather than Egypt.

Plot details are, however, being kept fairly secret.

13/04/2007 11:10:01