British actress Rachel Weisz was left fuming by a magazine article in which she said actors are paid too much - because her quotes were made up.

In an interview with Britain's HARPERS + QUEENS magazine in July (03) THE MUMMY star said the trend for paying A list actors and actress' seven and eight-figure salaries has gone "a little out of control".

She added, "It's bad for actors; they feel they can't take less than their quote because they think it won't look good. And it puts pressure on the movie."

But Rachel, who herself commands $1.7 million (GBP1 million)-a-movie, insists her comments were spun out of context.

She says, "That whole episode was pretty odd. My mum phoned me up and told me about it.

"I didn't say I thought I got paid too much. They changed what I said. So if I have any feelings about it, it's just annoyance."

28/11/2003 03:26