Rachel Weisz has always been shy about acting.

The British star - who is married to Daniel Craig - has enjoyed an impressive career, starring in Hollywood films such as 'The Mummy', 'The Lovely Bones' and 'The Fountain' but doesn't think acting was a natural calling for her and admits she is more reserved in her work than everyday life.

She said: ''I wasn't so much a Shy Child, but I was shy about acting. I wasn't the sort of kid whose mother would put her up on the table and make her do a dance for everyone. I wasn't the star of the school plays.

''I was generally very shy of performing. I wasn't a 'performer'. I'm still not really like that, I don't think. I don't have that 'jazz hands' thing In Me.''

Despite her hang-ups, Rachel - who has six-year-old son Henry with former partner Darren Aronofsky - won a Best Supporting Actress Oscar for her role in 'The Constant Gardener' but can't remember much about the evening of her win.

She told Empire magazine: ''It's a completely surreal experience. Every actor has a fantasy that It will happen, but you don't believe it will. I'd never been to The Oscars before that night. It's really a big, hazy Blur. I was so vastly pregnant at the time, I couldn't go and get merry with people.''