Rachel Weisz wants to set up a production company.

'The Bourne Legacy' actress has so many projects in the pipeline that she wants to develop, she is considering forming her own organisationto help speed things along.

Probed as to whether she should take matters into her own hands, she said: ''I probably should. I've got to figure out how to multitask. But when I'm doing a film or a play, I can't think about much else apart from my family. But I'd like a production company.''

The 43-year-old star is inspired by movies like the Meryl Streep-fronted drama 'Silkwood', in which a nuclear power plant worker is murdered after complaining about security breaches in her workplace, because she loves strong, complex female characters.

Discussing the film that made her want to get into the industry, she said: ''Female-driven movies about ordinary women who do extraordinary things. That's my shtick. It's her character that makes that story.

''She's so outraged and pigheaded and messed up. You can't get much better than that. There's not enough of those characters to go around for me.''

The actress has three film projects in the pipeline, but her latest one, 'Snatch Back' is the most likely to see fruition and is currently being developed for Ron Howard's Imagine Entertainment.

She explained to Esquire magazine: ''There's something I've been developing: a true story about this American woman who married a Syrian, had a child with him, then he fled with the child.I'm totally up for it. It's just that getting movies made is incredibly hard.''