Rachel Weisz's first lesbian sex scene was ''less stubbly'' than usual.

The 48-year-old actress shares a lesbian love scene with fellow Hollywood star Rachel McAdams in the new drama movie 'Disobedience', and she's revealed how it differed from her previous experience of shooting steamy moments.

Asked how her first love scene with a woman differed from past experiences, Weisz explained: ''Less stubbly. Softer. I think we both felt very vulnerable and there was a real sweetness.

''I don't know if male actors ask this question but I know women normally think, 'Is this sex scene really necessary?' And in this case, it's essential.''

Weisz explained that for McAdams' character, in particular, the sex scene represented a life-shaping moment.

She told the New York Times newspaper: ''The whole story of repression leads up to this moment. I think, particularly for Esti, the release of this big orgasm that she had was also a spiritual moment. It's about freedom.''

The London-born actress served as a producer on the film.

And Weisz revealed that she made the decision to cut a close-up of her own character's orgasm.

She said: ''It was too many orgasms. It was too many orgasms.''

Meanwhile, McAdams has heaped praise on her co-star, saying that in spite of her sophisticated appearance, she's still retained some of her child-like qualities.

The actress shared: ''I remember her telling me her mom put her in dresses as a kid but her hair would be a total mess and her knees scraped up and she'd be off playing in the dirt. I feel like that little kid is still in her.

''She's this gorgeous, timeless, poised, wickedly smart beauty, but she likes to keep things messy and unexpected.''