Rachel Weisz and Daniel Craig met on the set of new film Dream House, but the latest trailer for the movie gives away the major twist of the film, and it's not an accident, according to Cinema Blend. Reportedly, director Jim Sheridan lost control of the film to the studio, and the newly married couple that form the film's centrepiece are said to be unhappy with the results, so much so that there are rumours that both Rachel Weisz and Daniel Craig are refusing to fulfil their press commitments.

Some, such as The Washington Post, have assumed that the film must contain an even greater twist, but Cinema Blend have spoken to insiders, and are claiming that the trailer really does give away the central twist of the film. Apparently the film has been troubled right from the start, with speculation that director Sheridan would not want the trailer to air if he still had control. James Bond star Craig appeared on the Jay Leno show earlier this week, but surprisingly couldn't remember his wedding anniversary, despite getting marries just a matter of weeks ago. As Contactmusic reported yesterday, Daniel Craig said: "Erm... (it was) two or three weeks ago. I am supposed to remember aren't I?"