Rachel Weisz finds being a US citizen ''exciting''.

The British actress - who lives in New York with husband Daniel Craig and her six-year-old son Henry - received American citizenship last year and loves the fact she can now vote Stateside and receives a warm welcome whenever she flies into the country.

She said: ''I did it [applied for citizenship] because I thought I would go back to England for a while and lose my green card. I'm not going back now, but being a citizen means I can vote here, which is exciting; not just being an outsider.

''When I come back into the country now and they stamp my passport, they say, 'Welcome home ma'am'. I think that's a lovely formality. No-one in England would ever say that.''

While she is happy living In America, the 'Bourne Legacy' star admits she misses her friends in the UK.

She added to Stylist magazine: ''I still have a place in London and love spending time there. I miss my friends who I grew up with, my girls. It's a different relationship.''