A Rachel Weisz advert for a L'Oreal anti-wrinkle product has been pulled from UK television and banned by the country's Advertising Standards Authority for "misleadingly" exaggerating its performance, according to reports. The initial complaint over the advert, which first ran as a two-page magazine advertisement back in September of last year, was brought forward by parliamentarian JO SWINSON who claimed that it "misrepresented the results that the product could achieve." The image that promotes the L'Oreal product, named Revitalift Repair 10, shows a close-up black-and-white portrait of Weisz smooth, unblemished face.

Now, Reuters reports that the Asa have released a statement saying that the advert mustn't appear in its current form again, commenting "We told L'Oreal Paris to ensure that they did not use post-production techniques in a way that misrepresented what was achievable using the advertised product." The statement continued, "Although we considered that the image in the ad did not misrepresent the luminosity or wrinkling of Rachel Weisz's face, we considered that the image had been altered in a way that substantially changed her complexion to make it appear smoother and more even," before finishing "We therefore concluded that the image in the ad ... misleadingly exaggerated the performance of the product in relation to the claims 'SKIN LOOKS SMOOTHER' and 'COMPLEXION LOOKS MORE EVEN'."

We're not sure whether Weisz should be flattered by the Asa essentially suggesting that her skin was impossibly perfect; they evidently trust fellow actress Jane Fonda a great deal more, as another similar claim about a product she was endorsing for L'Oreal was rejected, the organisation stating that the advert hadn't been "significantly modified." So there you go: Jane Fonda more truthful about her skin than Rachel Weisz, apparently.