Rachel Weisz looks like a ''bird of prey'' in 'Oz the Great and Powerful'.

The British actress plays evil witch Evanora in Sam Raimi's Disney film and she believes the costume for her character was ''hugely important'' in creating a background story and symbolizing her personality.

She said: ''My character would have been nothing without the sequins, the feathers, the lashes, the corset, the boots, the nails! I mean Evanora's costume is a lot.

''I really play characters who wear jeans and t-shirts and a scrubbed face. But Evanora took a couple of hours to get in place and yeah, her costume was hugely important. It told the story about her character. She's a feminist, she looks a little bit like a bird of prey and she's a ruler of her army and her winged baboons. The costume was like 99 per cent of my character.''

Mila Kunis - who plays Evanora's younger sister Theodora in the film, who eventually becomes the Wicked Witch of the East - also explored her character through the clothing and for the first time felt reliant on her costume to determine how she portrayed herself.

She added: ''It's the first time in my life that a costume 100 per cent helped me realise the character. I can say this for all of us, we're all corseted in.

''And so the second you're in a corset, you end up walking differently and every one of us wore heels and had to run in heels and do stunts in heels and so it does change the way you hold yourself. And that in its own right figure the character out.''