Rachel Weisz says her husband Daniel Craig is nothing like his alter ego James Bond.

The 47-year-old actress tied the knot with Daniel in 2011 and although he may be 007 to the rest of the world, Rachel insists he's just a normal guy at home.

In fact, Rachel is relieved that Daniel, 49, is not like the suave spy because Bond is not exactly husband material.

Joining her 'My Cousin Rachel' co-star Sam Claflin on 'Lorraine' on Wednesday (07.06.17), Rachel said: ''I am not married to James Bond. He doesn't get married. I've watched him bed girls and not marry them. Daniel is a very good actor and very talented. We are really into normal life. I looked at the Greek peppers and thought that looks like a nice recipe Daniel would like that.''

Rachel and Daniel like to do regular things together and the British beauty says they both realise that the Hollywood lifestyle is just as much of a ''fantasy'' as the movies they make.

The Oscar winner also credits having a child - 11-year-old Henry, her son with her former partner, filmmaker Darren Aronofsky - with keeping her down to earth.

She said: ''People always say, 'Do you go home as your character?' But when you have a kid you can't makes you really good to having to drop what happened in that day and be there. It makes you better at everything. It's an amazing job. We get to tell stories and imagine we are other people. Then you have all the hoopla stuff. That's all fantasy itself. Dressing up and the red carpet events. It's all make-believe.''