Rachel Weisz enjoys playing female characters who spend a film "fighting injustice".

The 'Constant Gardener' actress - who married Daniel Craig in a surprise ceremony in June - revealed it is a "gift" to portray the role of a normal woman in a David vs. Goliath-type situation during a motion picture.

She said: "My favourite genre of movie - if you could call it a genre, because there's not so many of them out there - would be the ordinary woman doing the extraordinary thing, the David vs. Goliath-style fighting, one lone woman fighting injustice.

"And I love it, I love that kind of thriller, the ordinary person who, because of their character, it's their character that leads them. As an actor, that's a kind of gift."

The 41-year-old beauty currently stars as the lead character in 'The Whistleblower', which tells the story of police officer Kathryn Bolkovac, who is hired to work for a UN peacekeeping mission in Bosnia and risks her life trying to highlight a child sex-slave and human-trafficking scandal involving the US.

Talking about her role, Rachel explained to the Huffington Post: "It's her character that leads her to what she did, as she's unravelling this cobweb of lies and corporate corruption, the State Department covering for the corporation, covering for the private contractor, covering for the UN, she's unravelling this web because it's her job."