Rachel Weisz has been out promoting the latest in the Bourne Franchise, 'The Bourne Legacy', but she was looking dangerously close to pinching the limelight all for herself after looking stunning during a host of public appearances. The Daily Mail reports that Weisz was looking at her most radiant as she headed out for her latest interview, for Good Morning America in New York. Weisz was wearing an emerald green shift dress and added to that with a pair of beige lace-up heels to dazzle morning viewers. Though all the attention was on the 42 year-old Brit, her co-star Jeremy Renner was also in attendance, and didn't let the side down in the fashion stakes either, clad as he was in a dapper grey suit with white shirt and black shoes.

The pressure is on for the fourth film in the Bourne series, with this instalment being the first not to include actor Matt Damon, who played main protagonist Jason Bourne in the first three. Instead it will be down to Renner, Weisz and the script's chief antagonist, played by Ed Norton, to keep critical and commercial acclaim high for the Universal flick.

A change in personnel has occurred at the top too, with scriptwriter of the first three Bourne films Tony Gilroy coming in to replace Paul Greengrass - director of the previous two. Viewers will finally see whether the changes pay off when the film is released on August 10th Stateside.