Rachel Weisz became an actress to find out more about people.

The 'Agora' star - who studied English at the prestigious Cambridge University - admits one of her favourite things about her profession is the research she carries out into her characters.

She said: "I liked acting because I love to ask people questions.

"I like knowing about people and trying to imagine myself in other people's shoes and other people's Skins. I do that all the time."

Rachel, 40, also spoke about her marriage to 'The Wrestler' director Darren Aronofsky - with who she has three-year-old son Henry - insisting the 41-year-old filmmaker is nothing like people expect from the subject matter of his movies.

She explained: "Seeing his films, you'd think he is this weird, dark, intense guy. But I don't live with a dark person. He's really good at life, very good at going to the park and having a good time.

"He's also very organised. He doesn't live in chaos. His parents are teachers and they have an easy sense of order and discipline."