Rachel Uchitel has kept quiet about her alleged 2010 affair with actor David Boreanaz, but the Hollywood actor has described his infidelity as "a bonding experience, in the long run". Speaking to TV Week, via US Weekly, the 'Bones' star claimed the affair was ultimately beneficial to his marriage.
Boreanaz, who is married to former Playboy Playmate Jaime Bergman, added, "In a sacred ground like marriage, you find yourself out of it at certain times for reasons unknown that can be destructive. There could be a demon that kind of comes out and overtakes you". The actor said his marriage had endured "extremely rocky" periods but also some "fantastic times". Admitting his affairs in 2010, Boreanaz said, "Our marriage has been tainted with my infidelities.I was irresponsible". The actor and his wife Bergman wed in November 2001, just nine months after meeting during a Valentine's Day party at the Playboy mansion. Later in the interview, the actor vowed never to give up on his marriage, saying, "Do I believe in giving up? No, I don't. I'm a fighter. I'm a lover". He has two children with Bergman, 9-year-old Jaden and 2-year-old daughter Bella.
Meanwhile, Rachel Uchitel, who was also at the centre of the Tiger Woods infidelity scandal, married Matt Hahn in Las Vegas recently. Uchitel exchanged vows with Hahn, who is 10 years her junior, at the famed White Chapel in Sin City.