British pop babe Rachel Stevens is re-releasing her flop debut album FUNKY DORY - in the hope the disc will spend longer than a few weeks in the charts second time round.

The former S CLUB singer had a hit with her debut solo single SWEET DREAMS (MY LA EX) - but her subsequent track, also called Funky Dory, and the album failed to sell well.

As Stevens prepares another assault on the charts with charity single SOME GIRLS - which doesn't feature on her disc - her record company have decided to add Some Girls to the album and give it a new cover in the hope of boosting the dismal sales.

A music industry source says, "Rachel's been after a great song for months now and Some girls really was her last chance.

"Funky Dory did really badly and the money invested in her by POLYDOR and 19 RECORDINGS was nowhere near recouped. But the response to Some Girls has been so good, that some genius has decided to put in on the old album with a new cover and re-release it."

30/06/2004 02:51