British pop babe Rachel Stevens confessed her intense love for fiance Jeremy Edwards to a teen magazine just days before the pair called off their engagement.

The former S CLUB singer and her TV star lover shocked the music world when they announced their split on Monday (18AUG03) - but just days before, she'd told TV HITS! magazine how happy they were, and of their plans for starting a family.

Rachel said, "Family is really important to me, so I can really picture that happening one day. Kids and marriage is not too far away, but not just yet.

"Me and Jez are really happy - we're just normal like any other couple. We have our moments and ups and downs, but aren't relationships great? You learn so much about what you both want out of life. It's such a nice feeling."

Despite deciding to end their engagement, the couple have not called it quits completely - a joint statement they released earlier this week (begs18AUG03) says they "have been experiencing some difficulties in (their) relationship recently and don't know what the future holds".

21/08/2003 21:17