Pop sensation Rachel Stevens has displayed an unexpected admiration for rock legend David Bowie, by recreating his look for her new CD cover.

The SWEET DREAMS MY L.A. EX singer's new album is called FUNKY DORY - a play on Bowie's 1971 HUNKY DORY longplayer - and the former S CLUB singer not only emulates Bowie's pose on the album, she samples his track Andy Warhol, too.

Rachel says, "I absolutely love this shot - it's really different. I've become a bit of a Bowie fan recently - really from the influence on the album title and on one of the tracks.

"I thought it would be fun to recreate the original album cover and to do something which was different to a normal shoot."

And a spokesperson for the LIFE ON MARS rock chameleon is pleased at the tribute.

They say, "It's an interesting way to get classics over to so-called pop kids. Just imagine an S Club fan going out and picking up Hunky Dory to listen to the original Andy Warhol. It's mind-boggling."

03/10/2003 01:31