Former pop star Rachel Stevens came close to vomiting during a lingerie shoot for Fhm magazine because she was battling severe morning sickness.

The singer, who shot to fame in teen-focused band S Club 7, has been voted the sexiest woman of all time by Fhm readers to mark 20 years of the publication's annual beautiful females polls.

In honour of her new title, Stevens stripped down for a sexy shoot for the July (14) issue, wearing just her lingerie, but she admits that it wasn't as glamorous behind the scenes.

Explaining how she posed for the snaps while three months pregnant with her daughter, she tells U.K. Tv show Lorraine, "I did that when I was just very early pregnant... and I was really nervous because I felt really sick in that first three months and I thought, just try not to be sick between each shot."

Stevens' second child Minnie was born in April (14). She also has another daughter, Amelie, three.