Estelle has created her own line of jewellery.

The 'American Boy' singer teamed up with designer Rachel Roy for the accessories collection, which will be launched on the Rachel Roy label.

Rachel said: "Working with Estelle was a true collaboration. I love Estelle's sense of style because she takes risks, and I think that to be a trendsetter you have to take as many risks as safe turns."

The costume jewellery range will include earrings, rings, and gold and amethyst glass stones with prices ranging from $30 to $195.

Estelle has been enjoying working Rachel as her unique look is something she really admires.

She told People magazine: "What I love about Rachel is that her look is unpredictable. One day she'll be in a cocktail dress and the next, she'll be in flats and a little jacket. No matter what she's wearing, it always looks appropriate. Rachel has great style and I loved collaborating with her."

The collection will be available at US store Macy's and Rachel's website