Rachel McAdams was inspired to dye her hair red by her mother.

'The Notebook' actress decided to go for a daring new auburn shade because she knew she had the genes to pull it off since red hair runs in her family.

She told: ''My mother is a redhead, so I thought maybe I could pull it off. If she could do it, maybe I could do it.''

The 34-year-old actress has been both blonde and brunette in the past, even sporting pink locks, so she felt red was the next obvious choice.

Rachel laughed: ''I don't know, I just thought that it would be fun ... This was the only colour left!''

The striking star showed off her new hairdo for the first time in public last Wednesday (03.04.13) when she visited Disneyland with a group of friends. She experimented with the brand new look after splitting from her long-term beau Michael Sheen in February.

Craig Moir, her colorist at Toronto's Salon Dew, said in the past: ''Blonde is Rachel's go-to colour, but she's willing to try anything as long as she keeps her hair in good shape.''