Rachel McAdams prefers to date men with flaws.

The 33-year-old actress - who is currently in a relationship with her 'Midnight in Paris' co-star Michael Sheen - thinks dating a perfect man would be ''rather dull''.

She said: ''I think flaws are good. I think people have the right flaws for you, otherwise it would be rather dull. Having a difference of opinion is good, coming at the world from a different place. I think we are thrown together to learn things from each other.''

Although Rachel says she ''definitely'' believes in love at first sight, she and Michael didn't start dating until after they finished filming the Woody Allen movie.

She explained to the Metro newspaper: ''We didn't get together while we were filming which I feel strongly about when I'm working. We became quite good friends, which I think is a great way to start. I will say that I feel very blessed to have made a Woody Allen film in Paris together.

''It was magical and it wasn't one of those movies where the streets were closed. Traffic was going by and we were a part of French life but also we had access to Giverny [Monet's Gardens] and the Rodin Gardens.''