Actress Rachel McAdams is forced to dress up on Halloween in order to prevent fans from recognising her when she dishes out candy at her home.

The Notebook star has avoided the Hollywood scene in Los Angeles and opts for a simple life in her hometown of Toronto, Canada.

However, MCAdams reveals that when it comes to Halloween, costumes are vital - because she once made the mistake of answering her door to a group of unsuspecting Mean Girls fans.

She tells Ellen DeGeneres, "I have to dress for Halloween now. I didn't think about that before. I was giving out candy one year and some teenage girls came to the door and they were like, "Are you Regina George from Mean Girls?" And I was like, "No... That's so weird that you're saying that."

"So I tried to find whatever I had in my closet. I came up with a ski bunny (costume). I put on my snowsuit, a hat and sunglasses."