Rachel McAdams always takes away a "close relationship" from every film she stars in.

The actress - who is rumoured to be dating her 'Midnight in Paris' co-star Michael Sheen and previously romanced Ryan Gosling after they appeared in 'The Notebook' together - admits she is an "overly friendly" person and this helps her form strong bonds with her colleagues.

She told America's InStyle magazine: "I usually take away one close relationship from every job, some romantic, some not.

"I'm not shy. But I feel like I give off more confidence than I really have. I get in trouble for being overly friendly at times."

The 33-year-old screen beauty has also revealed she doesn't have a specific list of qualities she looks for in a man and is flexible when it comes to romance.

She said: "I don't think I have a type, although I guess everyone says that, right? I like to be surprised by people, and I find that makes life a lot easier too, when you just accept what's coming your way."

Rachel is also hopeful of starting a family one day, but knows that depends on who she eventually settles down with.

She added: "Part of me is very attached to the idea of having children. It'll depend on if I find the person I want to do that with."